Acrylic Polishing/Finishing Media

Resilience is an all-purpose acrylic polishing media designed for faster and smoother polishing of acrylic appliances. Specially formulated with unique abrasives to cut faster, easier, and smoother than pumice-type products with no scratching or grooving. Resilience saves time and does not require a change in your current technique. Kind to your hands and does not give off a bad odor commonly associated with pumice. Compare this to Polycril or Dazzle.

• Easy to use
• Replacement for pumice media
• One grit size does it all
• No odor or bacteria
• No scratching or grooving
• Saves time

Indication for use: Polishing acrylic appliances

Sizes: 2.5lb, 10lb, 20lb

*Metric units available for international customers. Please inquire.

Item Number: 
2.5lb Bottle – 2019003
10lb Carton – 2019010
20lb Carton – 2019020