Custom Products and Packaging

As a private label manufacturer for some of the largest dental companies in the world, Garreco is well-versed in offering a premium product customized to your specific needs. We offer a Custom Color Program and Custom Set Times for all of our gypsum products, as well as custom packaging.

Custom Colors

Our Custom Color Program offers a choice of various pastel shades for your custom gypsum products, including matching company colors. This service is usually free of charge but has a minimum product requirement of 2,000 pounds. Contact us for more information on our Custom Color Program.

Custom Set Times

Custom Set Products are available for almost all Garreco gypsums. This service offers a specified set time from 2 to 40 minutes. Whether you need to finish one case fast or a hundred cases at the same time, we can customize a product for you. A 2,000-pound minimum applies to this service. Contact us for more info.

Custom Packaging

Custom packaging services are available for all Garreco products. In addition to custom packaging, we offer private label design services. Contact us below to get started today!

Contact us below for more information about custom products.

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