NaturalRock Resin-Reinforced Die Stone

NaturalRock is a resin-reinforced type IV die stone comparable to GC’s Fujirock® Die Stone. It has a smooth, glass-like finish and exhibits a high compressive strength with a very low expansion. This die stone pairs compatibility with exceptional performance and is the new go-to solution for crown and bridge work, porcelain molding, implant setups, cast partials, and high-precision cases. 


Garreco Dental

Garreco has been proudly manufacturing dental laboratory products and dental supplies in the USA since 1988. We offer a complete line of dental stones and plasters, abrasives, acrylics, 3D resins, waxes, and more.

In addition, we offer a line of hobby products and industrial products specifically designed for law enforcement and forensics, jewelry manufacturing, and many other industries.

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Base Plate Wax

Newly reformulated Garreco Base Plate Wax is available in Medium Soft, Medium Hard, or All Season. Our Base Plate Wax is a dependable wax that boils out clean, is competitively priced, and polishes to a high shine.


Custom Products & Private Label Design

As a private label manufacturer for some of the largest dental companies in the world, Garreco is well-versed in offering a premium product customized to your specific needs. We offer custom colors, set times, and packaging including private label design.

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