Garreco’s TrackRite Green: Revolutionizing Forensic Evidence Collection

Garreco continues to provide top-notch forensic impression stone to law enforcement agencies. On June 4, 2024, Zachary Carlisle, Garreco’s Customer Relationship Manager, presented samples of TrackRite Green to detectives Joe Dows and Stephen Griffin from the Heber Springs Police Department in Heber Springs, Arkansas. The police department evaluated Trackrite’s ability to capture evidence of a shoe print, and the results were overwhelmingly positive.

TrackRite Green from Garreco is a forensic casting stone designed to capture detailed impressions with precision and ease. TrackRite Green offers a smooth consistency that is easy to work with. Its impressive compression strength of 18,000 psi and minimal expansion of 0.09% ensure that the cast remains durable and accurate.

Detective Stephen Griffin of the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) at Heber Springs shared his insightful observations and suggestions after testing TrackRite Green. He stated, “I really like the product. It mixes well with smooth consistency and the setup time is quick. The impression stays together well when poured. Overall, I really like how easy it is to use and how durable it is when it’s time to clean it up.”

Detective Griffin’s feedback highlights the key advantages of TrackRite Green. The product’s quick setup time and smooth consistency make it an ideal choice for forensic professionals who require reliable and efficient casting materials. The durability of the impression ensures that critical evidence is preserved accurately, aiding in the investigation process.

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