A self-mixing material that exudes simplicity. The Softliner Reline Base comes in a 2-part cartridge with mixing tips that negates manual measuring and mixing making easy and consistent results. The cartridge base also allows materially to never be exposed to air, thus keeping unused product fresh and ready for next application.  Long term expiration is appealing to all levels of production.

• A high quality silicone
• Self-mixing cartridge – no measuring or mixing needed
• Long term shelf life

Indication for use: Axcent Softliner is a silicone based liner to provide cushioning between the mouth and denture bases

Kits Available: Softliner Reline Material Kit, Softliner Application Tools Kit, Softliner Refill Kit, Softliner Primer Kit, Softliner Gun Kit, and Softliner Varnish Kit