Natural Agate Palette for Dental Porcelain


Polished agates provide an ideal platform for mixing dental porcelain. Their varicolor bands add beauty and uniqueness to these one of a kind natural palettes. Agates provide a calming influence, improving perception and concentration, thus enhancing the ceramist’s creativity. Agates offer years of use because they do not abrade like porcelain or glass trays/slabs.

The Agate Spatula is an agate instrument ideal for mixing porcelain. The spatulas are metal-free to prevent metal from contaminating the porcelain, plus both ends can be used for mixing making it the perfect accompaniment to a natural agate palette.

• Pleasing to the eye
• Abrasion proof
• Non-contaminating
• One of a kind
• Years of service

Indication for use: Mixing tray for dental porcelain

Hundreds of natural agates available to choose from — view photos in the gallery below.