Die Spacer

Precision Fit Agent

Die Spacer is used to provide sufficient space between the die and crown to accommodate cement used during seating.  Our fast-drying Die Spacer is formulated with additional ingredients to help seal and protect dies from wear and abrasion.  Garreco’s quality guarantees uniform thickness time after time.  Available in 2 oz (brush cap) bottles or 4 oz (refill) bottles.

• Alcohol-free
• 0.0% expansion
• Uniform thickness

Indication for use: Provides sufficient space between die and crown to accommodate cement

Sizes: 2oz, 12 x 2oz, 4oz, 12 x 4oz

Colors: Blue (7mic), Grey (11mic), Thinner

Item Numbers:

2oz Brush Cap Bottle: 7002002
12x2oz Brush Cap Bottle: 7002012
4oz Refill Bottle: 7002004
12x4oz Refill Bottle: 7002014

2oz Brush Cap Bottle: 7002102
12x2oz Brush Cap Bottle: 7002112
4oz Refill Bottle: 7002104
12x4oz Refill Bottle: 7002114

2oz Brush Cap Bottle: 7002202
12x2oz Brush Cap Bottle: 7002212
4oz Refill Bottle: 7002204
12x4oz Refill Bottle: 7002214

Safety Data Sheets

Die Spacer Thinner