Ringless Crown & Bridge System

Advanced Ringless System allows for complete expansion of investment materials due to flexible silicone construction. Each ring is constructed with inner ribs to provide additional surface area for optimum thermal conductivity.  All rings are extremely durable and designed for years of continued use in all conditions.  Available in 60g, 90g, 180g, and 300g sizes.

• Durable silicone construction
• Optimum thermal conductivity
• Many convenient sizes

Indication for use: Ringless investment procedures

Sizes:  60g, 90g, 180g, 300g

Item Numbers:

Ring (2.5cm/1”) – 6240001
Base – 6260001

Ring (4.3CM/1 3/4”) – 6240101
Base – 6260101

Ring (6CM/2 3/8”) – 6240201
Base – 6260201

LARGE (300G)
Ring (7.5CM/3”) – 6240301
Base – 6260301