Vitex Duplicating Material

Although developed for use in the construction of partial denture frameworks, this versatile hydrocolloid material has proven to be excellent for a variety of dental related tasks. With superior reproduction of detail and endurance for multiple melting cycles. Available in two types (all purpose and regular). All Purpose melts at 190° and holds at 135°. Regular melts at 200° and holds at 125°. Available in Neutral or Blue.

• Versatile
• Superior detail

Indication for use: Partial denture framework construction

Sizes: 2gal, 5gal

Item Numbers:

ALL PURPOSE (Melt at 190°F, hold at 135°F):
2gal Blue – 5001015
5gal Blue – 5001050

2gal Neutral – 5000015
5gal Neutral – 5000050

REGULAR (Melt at 200°F, hold at 125°F):
2gal Blue – 5001515
5gal Blue – 5001550