Vitex Investment

Vitex (Ethyl Silicate) partial denture framework investment material has been developed especially for producing chrome cobalt castings. This product offers precise details due to its ultra-fine particle size and its unique two-part blend of liquids. May be used for all high-heat techniques. Formulated to mix and pour easily, Vitex investment maintains excellent integrity when used in conjunction with Vitex Model Hardener.

• Precise detail
• Easy mix/pour
• All high-heat techniques

Indication for use: Investment material

Sizes: Complete Kit (Sand, Liquid A, Liquid B); Liquid Kit (Liquid A, Liquid B); Sand Only; Liquid A Only; Liquid B Only

Item Numbers:

100LB KIT:

100lb Kit (3 Cartons) – 5007000
Includes: 2 x 50lb Investment Sand, 2 x 118oz “A” Liquid, and 2 x 14.8oz “B” Liquid

100lb Kit Liquid Only (Carton) – 5012200
Includes: 2 x 118oz “A” Liquid, and 2 x 14.8oz “B” Liquid

50lb Sand Only (Carton) – 5008000
118oz “A” Liquid (Carton) – 5009000
14.8oz “B” Liquid (Carton) – 5011000


50lb Kit (2 Cartons) – 5006000
Includes: 1 x 50lb Investment Sand, 4 x 28oz “A” Liquid, and 4 x 3.7oz “B” Liquid

28oz “A” Liquid (Carton) – 5010000
3.7oz “B” Liquid (Carton) – 5012000

Safety Data Sheets

Vitex Investment Powder

Vitex Liquid A

Vitex Liquid B