Vitex 3D Vest Partial Investment Material

Vitex 3D Vest

Vitex 3D Vest is a phosphate-bonded, graphite-free, and very fine-grain precision investment, especially for partial denture frameworks made with “Rapid-Prototyping” technologies. 3D Vest is specially developed to burn out plastic frames made with Rapid-Prototyping resins.

3D Vest is usable for both conventional and speed casting techniques and is suitable for casting all types of dental alloys (except Titanium).

Vitex 3D Vest is comparable to Whipmix ResinVest, Nobilium Cadvest, and Bego VarseoVest.

• Superfine grain, creamy consistency
• Very smooth casted surfaces
• Divests easily

Indication for use: Partial investment material designed for 3D Printed/Milled Wax and Plastic Scaffolding.

Sizes: 50x400g Pouches

Item Number: 5013400