The FDI World Dental Federation recently identified some of the most serious challenges that developing countries face in their pursuit of optimal oral health. Not enough access to adequate care, lack of quality dental materials, and insufficient investment in dental care are some of the main obstacles these countries face. In addition, the people living in these areas are often affected by a number of oral diseases.

To help offset the lack of quality dental materials and improve dental care in developing countries, Garreco launched a new product called Archostone™. This Type III Gypsum Base Stone is made with high-quality raw materials but is being offered at a more affordable price to under-served markets. We currently have distributors importing this new dental stone in Nicaragua and plan to expand it globally in developing areas.

Archostone™ Specifications:

SETTING TIME: 11-13 min
MIXING RATIO W/P: 33 ml/100 g
COMP. STRENGTH: 10,000 psi
EXPANSION: 0.10%- 0.12%

For more information regarding Archostone™ or International Sales, please contact Garreco Dental at 800-334-1443 or email us at