This year’s Arkansas Mission of Mercy (MOM) event was held April 27-28, 2018 in Conway and was a huge success! Each year for 2 days, the group takes over an empty venue and turns it into a fully-functioning dental clinic, including medical triage to make sure each patient is healthy enough for dental treatment.

Mission of Mercy 2018 Patients

Above: Patients waiting for treatment at Arkansas Mission of Mercy 2018

At a typical two-day MOM event, about 1,400 dental volunteers come together to serve an average of 1,600 patients. This year, the group of volunteers was able to treat 1,997 patients for a total value of $1,078,522.10 worth of free dental care. Everything from Cleanings to Fillings to Extractions to Partial Dentures were made.

Mission of Mercy 2018

Above: Ben Steckling, Technical Sales at Garreco pours models for #ArMOM2018

In addition to donating free Garreco products to support the Mission of Mercy event, Ben Steckling, Garreco’s Technical Sales Rep, volunteered his time in the modeling department pouring models for patients who were undergoing treatment for dental restorations.

Arkansas Mission of Mercy Before and After

Above: Before and After pic of a patient who was treated at the Arkansas Mission of Mercy 2018 event in Conway, AR

The 2,000 patients that are treated each year are extremely grateful for what ArMOM provides to them while being able to maintain their dignity. Some even wait in line overnight to ensure a spot in the clinic.

Above: A shot from the Arkansas Mission of Mercy 2018 event in Conway, AR

For more information on the Arkansas Mission of Mercy or to volunteer during the next event, get in touch with the group on Facebook –