Product Roundups are a great way to showcase featured product groups. This month we are focused on 3 of our Dental Lab Products for our Product Roundup — Separating Film, PERform™ Tooth Cutting Burs, and PERform™ Tooth Sieves.

Garreco Dental Lab Supplies


Garreco Separating Film

Our Separating Film is a superior alternative to tinfoil. Garreco Separating Film rinses completely from teeth and metal frameworks, to provide unparalleled separation from the acrylic and mold. Available in Regular and Concentrate. Sizes Available: 1qt, 4 x 1qt, 1gal, 4 x 1gal.


PERform™ Tooth Sieves

PERform™ Tooth Sieves are a must when cutting bur using pour techniques. These compartmented plastic sieves are heat resistant and durable for years of service.


PERform™ Tooth Cutting Burs

PERform™ Tooth Cutting Burs are used for cutting diatorics in acrylic teeth.

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