Resin Reinforced Dental Die Stone Perfect for CAD/CAM Restorations

If you are looking for an excellent dental CAD stone for CAD-CAM restorations in the fields of dentistry and prosthodontics, look no further than CAD-Scan™ from Garreco Dental. Our CAD-Scan is a unique gypsum material that contains a special scanning additive and is reinforced with resin to provide excellent strength. The CAD-Scan material reflects light nicely for essential readability, allowing for a shorter working time in the lab. CAD-Scan is manufactured from an ultra-fine gypsum base, which prevents nicks and abrasions caused by brittleness. This dental CAD stone has a low expansion and high compressive strength, making it the material of choice for all CAD/CAM restorations. It is perfect for production environments, as well as those single cases requiring a rapid set.

• Excellent surface scanning
• Ideal for CAD/CAM restorations
• Resin reinforced
• Low expansion (0.06-0.09%) for accuracy

SETTING TIME: 11-13 min
EXPANSION: 0.06-0.09%

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More Info/Ordering

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