This tutorial shows you how to easily duplicate dental models using either Accusil™ or Rapidsil™ silicone, Garreco Duplicating Ring, Duplicating Cross, Silsaver™, and gypsum.

Step 1: Prepare model for duplication

Trim model base at 90° angle leaving ample clearance space for silicone material.
good-model-for-duplication dental model duplication

Incorrect model examples shown below. Military style models will not allow ring to adhere properly. Angled trim will elongate the ring. Trimming the model too closely will leave no space for silicone material.

incorrect-models-for-duplication dental model duplication

Tip: Models which have been trimmed incorrectly may be used by adding “Silly Putty” to deficient areas, prior to adhering duplicating ring.

Step 2: Adhere Duplicating Ring and prepare Silsaver and Duplicating Cross

Garreco Duplicating Ring dental model duplication

Cut Duplicating Ring about 1.5 inches longer than required to completely wrap base of model.

duplicating-ring-cut-model dental model duplication

Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly between overlapping layers for a tighter seal. Do not attach layers with staple or paperclip.

silsaver-positioning-cross-model-duplication silsaver-dupe-cross dental model duplication

Prepare Silsaver and Duplicating Cross by adjusting the distance between the Silsaver and teeth cusps to 1-2mm.

Step 3: Mix and pour silicone mixture into Duplicating Ring

Measure equal parts of Garreco Accusil or Rapidsil by either weight or volume. Add A & B portions together and mix by mechanical means under vacuum for 60 seconds, or by hand until mixture is of uniform color.

measuring-accusil-silicone dental model duplication

Pour mixture into Duplicating Ring, utilizing a small stream to minimize bubbles. Place Duplicating Cross and Silsaver into silicone material. Full ring should be placed inside a dry pressure vessel at 30 psi, to decrease remaining air bubbles. Allow to set for 30-40 minutes.

pouring-silicone-duplicating-technique dental model duplication duplicating-technique-silicone dental model duplication

Step 4: Remove Duplicating Ring and prepare mold

duplicator-ring-removal dental model duplication

Remove Duplicating Ring and Duplicating Cross.

dental model duplication silicone-mold-gypsum-model

Use air pressure to loosen master model then remove. Remove any silicone or gypsum particles from mold interior. Apply Sila-Sep™ to mold to reduce the surface tension.

dental model duplication preparing-silicone-mold-gypsum-investment

Reposition Duplicating Ring around silicone duplication.

Step 5: Mold ready for gypsum/investment

Measure, mix, and pour gypsum into mold. After gypsum is set, remove the Duplicating Ring and separate your new gypsum model

dental model duplication duplicating-model-gypsum-investment