This November, Garreco celebrates its 30th year manufacturing quality gypsum and plaster products right here in the United States of America. Our manufacturing facility, located in Heber Springs, Arkansas has been open and producing gypsum products since 1988. For us, it’s not just about being part of a marketing campaign. Manufacturing quality products made in the USA is part of who we are as a company.

We started with gypsum and have since expanded our product lines to include abrasive products such as Resilience, as well as the addition of acrylics, investment materials, and other dental laboratory supplies. Here’s a list of our top 10 selling products that are manufactured in the USA from raw materials all sourced within in the US.

Top 10 USA Made Dental Products:

#10 – Apex™ RZ10

Type IV-R Resin Reinforced Die Stone

Apex™ is a resin reinforced natural gypsum die material, available in two expansion variations making it the perfect choice to complement any technique. Perfect for all crown and bridge applications as well as implant or precision attachment cases. Resin additives eliminate brittleness and add superior external hardness. The exclusive Apex™ flow agent allows for excellent stackability, while promoting free material flow during vibration.

#9 – Orthostone

Type III Base Stone

OrthoStone exhibits the strength and accuracy of a quality base stone, plus special additives resulting in a brilliant white color. The superior color, working properties, and hardness make this the product of choice for those
specializing in orthodontics.

#8 – Resilience™

Acrylic Polishing/Finishing Media

Resilience™ is an all-purpose acrylic polishing media designed for faster and smoother polishing of acrylic appliances. Specially formulated with unique abrasives to cut faster, easier, and smoother than pumice-type products with no scratching or grooving. Resilience™ saves time and does not require a change in your current technique. Kind to your hands and does not give off a bad odor commonly associated with pumice.

#7 – Orthoplaster

Type III Orthdontic Plaster

High strength plaster designed for orthodontic applications. Orthoplaster combines smooth mixing, low expansion and ample setting time. Contains special whitening additives for a brilliant white color.

#6 – Veri-Die™

Type V Die Stone

Produced to handle the many different laboratory techniques that are being used in today’s dental labs. With its range in application and versatility, Veri-Die™ is perfect for almost every requirement. Its physical properties allow Veri-Die™ to conform to the requirements for each use. Due to its range in particle size, Veri-Die™ virtually eliminates normal chipping and abrasion. Veri-Die™ has become the worry free material of choice by providing the technician ample working time and a moderate expansion rate.

#5 – Fastone™

Type III Base Stone

This dental stone offers the same unique characteristics as our Tecstone™ product, with a faster setting time. Used for full or partial denture models, denture flasking procedures, and recommended for use in basing crown and bridge models.

#4 – Excalibur™

Type IV High Strength Die Stone

With its smooth mixing characteristics and ample setting time, Excalibur™ produces a “textbook” model every time. Die trimming becomes a worry-free procedure due to the ultra-fine gypsum base, which prevents nicks and abrasions caused by brittleness. Recommended for use as crown and bridge or partial denture models. Suitable for use with all impression materials. Gypsum hardeners are not recommended.

#3 – Tecstone™

Type III Base Stone

Widely recognized as one of the best stones on the market and designed for ultimate versatility, Tecstone™ is recommended for use in models and flasking, in the production of full or partial dentures, and in basing crown and bridge models. A creamy mix, moderate compressive strength, and superior outward hardness are all characteristics of this unique formula.

#2 – Plaster

Type II Plaster

Our Dental Plaster is formulated especially for use in today’s complex field of dentistry. Designed for articulating and flasking procedures, Garreco dental plaster mixes smoothly and exhibits excellent working characteristics. Available in three formulations with varying set times.

#1 – Labstone™

Type III Base Stone

The “work horse” of the gypsum family. Designed for ultimate versatility. Labstone™ is recommended for use in models and flasking, in the production of full or partial dentures, and in basing crown and bridge models. Creamy mix, moderate compressive strength, and superior outward hardness, are all characteristics of this unique formula.

Custom Packaging and Labeling

Custom packaging and labeling services are available for all Garreco products. We specialize in being a private label dental manufacturer in the USA for some of the largest dental supply companies. Talk to us about our product customization and private label services.

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