As a private label manufacturer for some of the largest dental companies in the world, we are well-versed in offering a premium product customized to fit your specific needs. We recently had a customer come to us with a request to customize our ever-popular CAD-Scan Die Stone in a trendy shade of Peach. We love making custom products for our customers and this was no exception.

Above: CAD-Scan Peach Die Stone

Product Customization Services

There is no challenge we can’t handle. Whether you are needing a product that sets up faster or slower, want to match your company colors, or have specific packaging needs, we can handle it all! Our complimentary Product Customization Services are available on all orders of 2,000 pounds or more. Call us at 1-800-334-1443 x234 to discuss your specific needs and how Garreco can help.

Product Customizations include:

Custom Colors

Our Custom Color Program offers a choice from a wide variety of pastel shades for their gypsum products, including matching company colors. This service is usually free of charge, but has a minimum product requirement of 2,000 pounds.

Custom Set Times and Expansion

Custom Set Products are available for almost all Garreco gypsums. This service offers a specified set time from 2 to 40 minutes. Whether you need to finish one case fast or a hundred cases at the same time, we can customize a product for you. A 2,000 pound minimum applies to this service.

Custom Packaging and Labeling

Custom packaging and labeling services are available for all Garreco products.

Ready to start customizing?

We can help you with your customization needs. Email us at or call 1-800-334-1443 x234 to get started today.

About CAD-Scan

CAD-Scan is a unique gypsum material that contains a special scanning additive and resin reinforcement. CAD-Scan reflects light nicely for essential readability, allowing for a shorter working time, and is manufactured from an ultra-fine gypsum base, which prevents nicks and abrasions caused by brittleness. CAD-Scan has a low expansion and high compressive strength, making it the material of choice for all CAD/CAM restorations. It is perfect for production environments, as well as those single cases requiring a rapid set.

Why is CAD-Scan so awesome?

• Excellent surface scanning
• Ideal for CAD/CAM restorations
• Resin reinforced
• Low expansion (0.06-0.09%) for accuracy

CAD-Scan Specs

Indication for use: CAD/CAM restorations

Sizes Available*: 10lb, 25lb, 50lb

SETTING TIME: 11-13 min
EXPANSION: 0.06-0.09%

Learn more about CAD-Scan

Want CAD-Scan Peach Die Stone?

CAD-Scan Peach Die Stone is available as a custom order product with a minimum order quantity of 1,000 lbs. To find a Garreco Dealer near you, please call 1-800-334-1443 x234 or email us at

*Metric units available for international customers. Please inquire.