Product Roundups are a great way to showcase featured products. This month we are focused on Vest-It Peg Putty, an instant refractory material designed to create custom firing pegs for all-ceramic crowns, repair and refiring of your porcelain laminates, pressable crowns, inlays, onlays, and other restorations.

Vest-It Peg Putty


Vest-it is an asbestos-free, high heat (remains stable at up to 2300°) refractory material or “Peg Putty” used to create custom firing pegs.

• Supports all-ceramic restorations after devesting
• Repair holes in coping
• Soldering gold crowns
• Degass, opaque, body fire & glaze restorations


• Eliminates crowns from rocking or falling off pegs
• Withstands maximum firing temperatures
• Helps position fragile porcelain margins away from firing peg
• Avoid the need for hemostats
• Comes in convenient syringe form for easy application
• Over 60 applications per syringe

Indication for Use:  Creating custom firing pegs

Sizes:  10cc (syringes)

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