The most commonly used polishing media for full or partial dentures has typically been pumice; starting with a coarse grit and moving forward gradually with a finer grit as you worked through the process. There are varying particle sizes ranging from X-Coarse to a fine Flour for polishing.

While pumice does the job, Garreco offers an alternative that offers many benefits. Resilience™ is an all-purpose acrylic polishing media designed for faster and smoother polishing of acrylic appliances. Specially formulated with unique abrasives to cut faster, easier, and smoother than pumice-type products with no scratching or grooving. Resilience saves time and does not require a change in your current technique. Kind to your hands and does not give off a bad odor commonly associated with pumice.

Some of the benefits of using Resilience are:

• It is easy to use
• Great replacement for pumice media
• One grit size does it all
• No odor or bacteria
• No scratching or grooving
• Saves time

Next time you are finishing acrylic, Resilience would be a great choice to obtain a finely polished full or partial denture.