Product Roundups are a great way to showcase featured product groups. This month we are focused on our Partial Denture Supplies for our Roundup.

Vitex™ Investment Material

Vitex (Ethyl Silicate) partial denture framework investment material has been developed especially for producing chrome cobalt castings. This product offers precise details due to an ultra fine particle size and unique two part blend of liquids. May be used for all high heat techniques. Formulated to mix and pour easily, Vitex investment maintains excellent integrity when used in conjunction with Vitex Model Hardener.

Indication for use: Investment material

Sizes: Complete kit (sand, liquid A, liquid B); Liquid kit (liquid A, liquid B); Sand only; Liquid A only; Liquid B only


Vitex™ Refractory Model Hardener

Vitex Refractory Model Hardener (“Cold Dip”) is designed to be used at room temperature with a warm model. Use of this material exhibits the same results as older techniques, while saving time and money.

Indication for use: Model hardener

Sizes: 1qt, 4 x 1qt, 1gal, 4 x 1gal


Vitex™ Duplicating Material

Although developed for use in the construction of partial denture frameworks, this versatile hydrocolloid material has proven to be excellent for a variety of dental related tasks. With superior reproduction of detail and endurance for multiple melting cycles. Available in two types (all purpose and regular). All Purpose melts at 190° and holds at 135°. Regular melts at 200° and holds at 125°. Available in Neutral or Blue.

Indication for use: Partial denture framework construction

Sizes: 2gal, 5gal


Vitex™ Superforms

Vitex Superform Patterns are made from a wax/plastic blend. This mix offers all the advantages of both components with optimum burnout. Available in 33 styles in protective packaging. Scroll down page for a complete list of all styles and sizes.

Indication for use: Casting alloy

Sizes: 10/pkg


Vitex™ Alloy Bullets

This unique blend of metals provides short term flexibility and long term rigidity required by today’s advanced technicians. Vitex partial denture alloy has been developed for use with all high heat techniques, and is priced well below other premium alloys.

Indication for use: Dental alloy



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