Product Roundups are a great way to showcase featured product groups. This month we are focused on our Abrasive Products – Aluminum Oxide, Glass Beads, Resilience™ Polishing and Finishing Media, Pumice, and Walnut Shells.

Garreco Aluminum Oxide Dental Abrasive


Garreco Aluminum Oxide blast abrasives are among the finest in the world and used for divesting and cleaning of appliances. Our 99.6% pure (white) and 96% pure (brown) electro-fused Aluminum Oxide abrasives are machine-sized and computer-scanned to provide uniform particle size. Available in popular sizes and packed with desiccant to prevent moisture absorption.

• Ultimate performance
• Multiple sizes for different applications

Indication for use: Divesting/cleaning of appliances

Sizes: 2lb, 6 x 2lb, 25lb, 50lb

Particle size (white): 25, 50, 60, 100, 110, 250 microns

Particle size (brown): 50 microns

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Glass Beads are used to divest chrome cobalt, non-precious crown and bridge alloys, and all-ceramic cases. May also be used to polish chrome cobalt frameworks. Precision screened and desiccant packaged to prevent moisture.

• Consistent particle size
• Precision screened

Indication for use: Divesting, ceramic cases, polishing chrome cobalt

Sizes: 25lb, 50lb

Particle size: 50, 80 microns

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Resilience™ is an all-purpose acrylic polishing media designed for faster and smoother polishing of acrylic appliances. Specially formulated with unique abrasives to cut faster, easier, and smoother than pumice-type products with no scratching or grooving. Resilience saves time and does not require a change in your current technique. Kind to your hands and does not give off a bad odor commonly associated with pumice.

• Replacement for pumice media – one grit size does it all
• No odor or bacteria
• No scratching or grooving

Indication for use: Polishing acrylic appliances

Sizes: 2.5lb, 10lb, 20lb

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A consistently fast, smooth cutting, long lasting abrasive. Suitable for polishing full or partial dentures. Available in a variety of particle sizes.

• Long lasting
• Smooth cutting
• Consistent

Indication for use: Polishing full or partial dentures

Sizes: 1lb, 25 x 1lb, 5lb, 4 x 5lb,  20lb, 40lb

Particle size: flour, fine, medium, coarse, x-coarse, xx-coarse

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Walnut Shells from Garreco are ideal for use after divesting full and partial dentures to remove gypsum from the acrylic surface. 20/30 grit only.

• Economical
• Natural
• Easy to use

Indication for use: Removing gypsum from acrylic surfaces

Sizes: 20lb, 40lb

Particle size: 20/30 grit

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*Metric units available for international customers. Please inquire.